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LookUp allows you to cascade your conference and subject information. Enter your data according to the pattern "Customer.Conference.Year. Speaker" as default for new terms. Then filter only those terms that for example appear in the manuscript of your next speaker (enter the whole key Customer.Conference.Year.Speaker in the Simultaneous tab). To see the terms recorderd for all speakers just leave out the information for the speaker filter (Customer.Conference.Year). Enter only a part of the name of the conference to list terms from all conferences with that name, i.e. if the current conference is "bmw.productlaunchZ8.2002.milberg" and you enter only "launch" in the filter field of the "Simultaneous" tab, you will get all product launches from all car makers that you've ever entered.
The same applies to subjects. For example, "Networks.topology. tokenring.abbreviations" represents a very detailed filter. On the other hand, "Networks" will list all network related terms.
Conference/Customer and Subject filters can be combined, as well, i.e. "bmw.productlaunchZ8.2002.milberg" as a conference filter and "engines" as subject will list the engines that were presented by that speaker (Milberg) on that launch.


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