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LookUp Web can provide a standard interface for a group of professionals to share the same terminology.
Any standard web browser can provide access to the terminology management LookUp Web.
Within an intranet or in a password-protected area on your website many translators can share their knowledge and provide a new quality for inhouse translations and group assignments.
Imagine a web-based platform within your working environment to share terminology knowledge - worldwide if you please.

In the following section we provide an example database to show LookUpWeb functionality.
Not all functions of LookUp Pro will be available in the Web version because of security reasons.

Use % as wildcard for any number of characters.
LookUp Web is currently available as version 1.0.1.
Appearance, colours and integration into other webpages can be adjusted.


Please report any bugs, problems or errors you encounter to our support forum. We will take care of it anything you mention as soon as possible.

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