LookUp © Professional is a terminology tool developed by conference interpreters and translators for use during simultaneous interpreting and while translating.

LookUp's graphical user interface is intuitive enough to let you forget the database and concentrate on your work - intuitive enough to support simultaneous interpreters while working in the booth and technical translators working as freelancers or as part of a translation or localization team.

Additional functions and increased work options underline sensational ergonomics and unparalleled productivity, available for a translator's and interpreter's workspace. Our latest edition features powerful tools to make your work faster and better.

Yet other features provide step-by-step support for fully-fledged dictionary projects. LookUp offers full support for lexicographical and terminographical projects.

The developers of LookUp are experienced professional interpreters and translators themselves.

LookUp is extremely easy to use. You will only need a few minutes to start working productively. Discover how LookUp can make life easier for you.

The new English interface version supports up to five working languages!

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